The Bike Stand's Frame Preparation

There is always some deviation in all the setups we do. Aluminum frames are for the most part much cleaner and need a lot little less preparation work done on them. But all the steel frames get this full 17-point check done on them by Steven Willis.

  1. Check the work order.
  2. Put frame on alignment table and check frame alignment.
  3. Measure the inside of the seat tube for seat post size.
  4. Clean up or ream to fit
  5. Install Park's frame holder in frame to mount in work stand
  6. Align rear frame drop outs.
  7. Clean and tap out rear derailleur hanger
  8. Clean and tap out bottom bracket threads
  9. Face bottom bracket shell.
  10. Tap out water bottle bosses.
  11. Clean and tap out shift lever bosses.
  12. Face head tube.
  13. Put Fork in fork jig and align.
  14. Clean and cut fork crown race.
  15. Clean and cut fork threads if it has any.
  16. Align fork tips.
  17. Mark off on work order.

This work can be checked or done on your bike too. So if you got any question about your own frame or want to buy a frame drop us a line at or come on down to The Bike Stand and we will try and help you.

Facing a head tube. Saving the paint. Protecting the inside of the frame. Aligning rear drop-outs.
Tapping out the bottom bracket. Tapping out the water bottle bosses. Measuring the rear spacing. Protecting the inside of the frame.
Tapping out the cableguides.

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