His Finest Hour by David Neuhaus His Finest Hour tells the wonderful tale of two friends, Ralph and Dudley, and one particular adventurous bicycle race. Ralph, who has all the latest cycling equipment, hopes to catch the eye of the local racing team by challenging Dudley to a bicycle race. Ralph is all about showmanship, trickery, and making a positive impression. The humble Dudley believes in his abilities, is inspired by encouragement, and treats others with respect by playing fair. Dudley arrives at the race with his ancient, heavyweight bike. Ralph brings all his fancy equipment. When the starting gun is fired, Ralph shifts gears and takes off like a bullet! A close race ensues, and at the finish line there is ice cream in the park for all. Everyone is there except for Ralph, who can't be found what happened to Ralph? Recommended for ages 4 and older.

His Finest Hour

The Bike Stands Book Drive

The Bike Stands Book DriveThe Bike Stands Book Drive

Steven and Dave kept up with book sales all day but I think Dave did a lot more work.

Wow we made the big time we got in the paper but they would not say the name of the shop but since I am the only shop in Scotch Plains I figure that most people know who we are.

The Bike Stands Book DriveThe Bike Stands Book Drive

Bicycle: The History

The Bike Stands Book Drive     Winner of the 2004 Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division Annual Award Competition in the History of Science category.
     The first comprehensive history of the bicycle--lavishly illustrated with images spanning two centuries.
     My wife brought this book home for me and I will say it is a great read. I have not read a bike book in years that I leared so much about the history of bikes in great detail. Go to this link to read more about it or to buy a copy. Yale University Press.

Zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance

The Bike Stands Book Drive      Leave it to Lennard to demystify a bike repair. This has become my recommended reading to people that want to try it their selves after "Anybody's bike book" went out of print I have been lost as to a book to tell people about. An easy read that will help almost any body from a beginner to an expert. Buy this one so you will not want to get grease all over the library's copy.

Curious George rides a bike

The Bike Stands Book Drive      Lets be real here we all got into bicycles because we all love bikes. "Curious George rides a bike" reminds all of us why we love bikes. I think we get too preoccupied with the weights and parts that we sometimes forget this. Start your kids off right.

George Washington his Excellency

The Bike Stands Book Drive     George Washington his Excellency by Joseph J. J. Ellis. Hay I read more then just bike books. This is a great read you get a better feeling for the man behind the mask of George Washington. If you get a chance buy this book. Steven Willis.

My Drawings

The Bike Stands Book Drive      Well I have started picking up the pencil again and have had less time for books. There is just not enough hours in a day. Here is a link to see some more pictures if you would like . Some are for sale too.

The Bike Stands Book Drive