If you want some fun check out some component weights we do here at the shop.

     How we sell Campagnolo and Shimano now has change since the old days when we would sell it as a group. We would get calls all the time as to the price of a Campy or Shimano group then ask the labor to install it and the customer would decide who they would buy it from. We still do groups but we sell a lot more "kits" now or even part group and a build kit. This is easier for me and lets me offer better prices to you but it is harder to figure out better value for you. You now need to know a lot of different prices with all the other parts available out there. I will list group prices and kit prices. I will list the build kits with every part available with it. Any part can be pulled or change giving a different price with an almost endless possibility.

We are known for building up new kits on your frame. We will clean, align, and prep your frame when installing the new kit then ship it right out to you. Having the shop be a mechanical based bike store we have taken on a lot of jobs ware the customer was told that a new group or kit would not fit their frame. But with a little work and changing of a few parts most frames can be made to use the newer parts made today. So before you lean that old work horse against the wall in the basement email us at or come on in and talk.

     Campagnolo. Campy has come a long way since it started a long time ago. Even though its market share is at a small percentage right now I think it still has a lot to offer. Campy parts are completely rebuildable and you can get the parts. I also like the path that I see Campagnolo going in. They keep up grading the parts every year and pass on the changes a few years later to the lower groups. By just upgrading the parts if they go down a wrong path they can come back the next year to fix the problem. Dollar per dollar Shimano is lighter and it would seem to be more for the money but the mechanic in me loves the ability to rebuild parts and the reliability of Campagnolo too. I personally ride with Campagnolo Chorus on two of my bikes and could not be happier with them.
     I know it is a little more work on your part but you look up the price of the frame then look at the price of the kit. Remember the prices will change to me with out notice so I reserve the right to do the same to you.


     SRAM. Corp.1987 is born and opens its first office/factory in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Total number of employees, six. First year goal: sell 100,000 units. Actually sold 1,000. Sachs introduces the Pentasport 5-speed hub.
     SRAM. Corp.2006 sets the bike world on it's head when they come out with a road group to take Campagnolo and Shimano head on. Time will tell if it work but I am excited with the news.


     Shimano. For all intents and purposes Shimano has taken over the bike world. It is not necessarily a bad thing. The main positive to this is that any shop in the world you go in to will and can get parts you need. It has become the standard in fit and finish. There are whole companies that build their parts just to fit in to Shimano's lineup. My complaints about Shimano has always been the same complaints. When they change the line the line goes through some sweeping changes and I find it may or may not be an improvement but you are stuck with it. Another complaint is with our side of the business a lot of mechanics do not spend the time to learn how to work on the new stuff. I spend a lot of time reading the directions Shimano provides and spend time to try it out first so you will not have problems. So if you are like most people you will love the improvements and enjoy the changes.


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