The Bike Stand's Assembly

Come and Experience The Difference.

This is our normal assembly on all of our bikes. What is so good about telling you this is that you can see for yourself. It is so easy to pull the front wheel out of a bike and see if the bearings run smooth or are they ruff from not being adjusted. You can also take the top cap off and look for grease on the threads. What is nice about these is it is easy to do and does not change any of the adjustments on the bike. So whether you want to buy a new bike or see if your bike was put together correctly you can do this check up your self or bring it in and we will be happy to help you look over your bike with you.

  1. Check the work order for any additions or changes on the assembly.
  2. Pull the bike out of the box and remove all the packing and tape.
  3. Pull the parts box out of the bike box and check it is all there.
  4. Grease the seat post that inserts in the frame and put it in the frame.
  5. Grease the seat post binder bolt tighten it up at the max height.
  6. Install the bike in the work stand.
  7. Adjust the front hub.
  8. True the front wheel.
  9. Install the front wheel in the fork.
  10. Grease stem bolt and quill and install in frame.
  11. Have a sip of coffee
  12. Install handle bars in stem.
  13. Align stem to front wheel and tighten up.
  14. Grease front brake cable pinch bolt.
  15. Hook up and adjust front brake
  16. Grease the pedal threads and install in crank take note of the left and right threads.
  17. Remove the crank arm dust caps and tighten up the crank arm bolts.
  18. Adjust the bottom bracket.
  19. Remove the rear wheel.
  20. Remove the freewheel and grease the threads.
  21. Adjust the rear wheel hub bearings.
  22. True the rear wheel.
  23. Install the rear wheel.
  24. Grease rear brake cable pinch bolt.
  25. Adjust the rear brake.
  26. Adjust the front derailleur.
  27. Adjust the rear derailleur.
  28. Install all reflectors front, rear, wheels, pedals.
  29. Grease water bottle bolts
  30. Air up both tires.
  31. Remove bike from the work stand.
  32. check seat angle.
  33. Note serial number on frame and write it on paper.
  34. Attach all paper work to bike.
The assembly is one of the most important aspects of a bike. More important then the brand or even parts on the bike. When an assembly is done on a bike at The Bike Stand which ever it is, a low end mountain bike or a high end road bike the same attention to detail is the number one priority. As a consumer you can see the difference for yourself. Just go in to any bike shop and ask to see how a quick release works on a bike ask on a bike in the 3 to 4 hundred price range that you pick out and when they take the wheel off ask to see the wheel then just turn the axle on the hub. It is that simple. If it feels gritty the hub was not adjusted if a thing as simple as that is not done do you think any thing else will be? Do your self a favor drop buy or email us at The Bike Stand

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Right out of the box.
The Bike Stand's Assembly
Stripped of it's protection.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Adjusting the front hub.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Greasing the stem bolts.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Greasing the pedal threads.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Tightening the crank bolts.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Greasing the brake pinch bolts.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Adjusting and greasing the rear hub threads.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Adjusting the brakes.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Doing the dreaded paper work.

The Bike Stand's Assembly
Another finished bike.