My daughter has open up a web page to show and sell her art work. Drop in and take a peek at Golden Apple Arts
Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger picture and some information about the drawing.
If you are interested in this or a custom piece feel free to email me at

Steven Willis
has been the owner/operator of the local bicycle shop in Scotch Plains for the since 1982.
He was interested in art almost farther back than he can remember and was headed toward a vocation in art before being pushed toward a business degree. He hadn't touched his pencils or brushes for almost 40 years as he went to school, raised a family and ran the bike shop. Then, a little nudge from his wife reintroduced art into his life. Starting with graphite and slowly finding his way to the other mediums, he has focused on the most difficult subject for him, which is portraits. And now, he has sunk knee deep into it winning a blue ribbon first and second time out at a SPFAA art show.

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