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Traded in Bikes at The Bike Stand.

     The Bike Stand inc. has been in business for over thirty years now and in all those years we have been taking back OUR OWN BIKES on trade in to help with the next bike. Most of the trade in bikes have been smaller children bikes but we do get in larger adult bikes too. We can do this because of our meticulous attention to detail in our assembly. As far as I know we are the only shop in the state to do this. Maybe we are one of the few that believe in the quality of our work.
      Just to save on all the phone calls I DO NOT BUY BIKES so please do not call.
      On a clean trade in you can get a maximum of one half back towards the new bike. This will put our bikes in the same price range as department store bikes. Come on down and take a look at our selection, it is changing all the time.
      Remember you can email us to save a bike for you up to a week with out a deposit. Just email a description of the bike to us and we will hold it and get it ready for you.
      If you have an old bike that you did not buy from us you can do someone some good and donate it to Richard DeMair his email is and he will fix it up and donate it to needy children in this area or Pedals for Progress.
      I just opened up a FREE bike area at the bottom of the page. But just like the other ones please email me at if you would like me to save it for you. After a while these will be given to Richard DeMair.

Here is a list of the previously owned bikes that are in stock and ready to go

Remember to call 908-322-3330 or mail to us to hold the bike for you.

Updated 6/24/17

  • Raleigh Push 12" green child’s first bike with out pedals to help them learn how to balance better for only 59.99
  • Raleigh MXR Micro 12" red little boys first bike very clean and all tuned up 49.99
  • Raleigh MXR MXR 12" black little boys first bike with brand new Wald training wheels for 79.99
  • Raleigh Lil Honey 16" yellow girl's bike looks clean and rides well for the low price of 49.99
  • Raleigh Lil Honey 16" purple girl's bike looks all most new and at the low price of 99.99
  • Raleigh MXR 16" green boy's BMX bike looks great and only 89.99
  • Raleigh MXR 16" green boy's BMX bike looks great and still has the cross bar pad only 89.99
  • Raleigh MXR 16" chrome boy's BMX bike looks great and only 59.99
  • Sun Flower Power 16" pink girl's bike that could almost pass for new for only 89.99
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  • Raleigh Jazzi 20" pink that can pass for new for the low price of 104.99
  • Raleigh Jazzi 20" pink clean and bright girls bike for the low price of 89.99
  • Raleigh Jazzi 20" pink very nice and clean girls bike with a bell and front pouch and only 99.99
  • Raleigh Jazzi 20" blue another super clean girls bike and only 104.99
  • Raleigh MXR 20" blue clean boys bike first time back and only 99.99
  • Sun Flower Power 20" pink girls bike that could almost pass for new for only 104.99
  • Raleigh MXR 20" blue Boys BMX bike looks all most new at the low price of 104.99
  • Raleigh IVY 24" light blue girl's 24" wheels mountain bike. This front suspension alloy frame bike was ridden two times I was told and it looks it. Just a little weathering and a small mark on the white saddle is all. So for only 189.99
  • Raleigh IVY 24" purple aluminum mountain bike is a low miles pretty clean first time back. bike even has a kickstand and only 169.99
  • Electra Townie 3i red full sized low miles mens bike with what they are known for a crank forward alloy frame. This bike new is over 500.00 and with the tune up I just gave it you can have it for 199.99
  • Raleigh M 30 16" blue 26" wheels full sized mountain bike. With new tires and a fresh tune up for only 149.99
  • Yokota Mecco 18" red 700c wheels hybrid full sized bike. This was an abandoned bike that I gave a tune up to and it has new tires, tubes and brake pads for the low price of 159.99
  • Falcon woman’s road bike 55 cm center to top with a 58 cm top distance since it does not have a top tube. LOL I bought this years ago and rebuilt it for my wife she road it one time about a mile and never road it again so time to let it go. This read beauty has Simplex prestige criterium derailleur. With Simplex down tube shifters. A Stronglight cottered crank with a 52x42 rings. Union pedals and a Peugeot saddle that I am guessing is not original. The Atax stem and alloy bars look great as does the Weinmann 610 front brake and 750 rear with 27” Weinmann rims laced to Atom low flange bolt on hubs. The 5 speed freewheel is by Shimano, The lighting is by Delux Sport front block generator that still works. That rounds it out. All this for only
  • Schwinn World drop bar road bike 23" grey all tuned up with new tires, brake pads, cables, foam grips and more. This great rider is only 157.05 the cost of the repair minus the deposit.

  •       All certified previously owned bikes come with a The Bike Stand's warranty. 90 day 50/50. What that means is we spilt the cost of a repair with you for 90 days. We use the trade in to help with the cost of the new bike and since we usually lose on a trade in we figured if we split the cost of a repair neither you nor The Bike Stand will lose on this deal. All certified previously owned bikes have been completely gone over by the owner and master mechanic Steven Willis so you can feel confident that it will perform great for years and can still be brought back for a second trade in.

    Consignment/Abandoned Bikes at The Bike Stand.

         Consignment Bikes are bicycles that for what ever reason are not covered by any warrantee. Most likely they were not bought at The Bike Stand so the bike can not be traded back in to The Bike Stand. We do not seek out Consignment bikes so please do not call and ask if we do. We are not a Consignment Shop. Most are bikes that were never picked up after they were worked on by us or they were given to us to find them a home.
          All consignment bikes are here at The Bike Stand so if you have questions about one listed please email us and give a brief description of the bike and we will get right back to you.
         If a consignment bike is not here on premise we will state that on the description.

    Here is a partial list of the previously owned consignment bikes

  • DimondBack Sorrento Sport dark blue full sized mountain bike looks great and rides great for only 179.99picture. This bike is not here the owner is Steve and you can email him at
  • GT Vengeance Tri 48cm center to center 61cm center to top of frame and 72 to the seat rails with that add on aero flange, the top tube is 56 cm because of the 56 cm top tube I am calling it a 56 cm bike. This black aluminum frame has a Kinesis carbon fork and a full Shimano 600 8 speed group set top off with a steel rail Flite saddle. It has Syntace aero bars and way cool Spin carbon Mag style 650 wheels. Just so cool for only
  • Motobecane Gigi Women’s Road Bicycle. This is your opportunity to own a high-end road bike for a fraction of the original cost. This bicycle has been used (and to be honest it has a few cosmetic scuffs and scratches), but it rides beautifully and is in really good shape. I recently paid $110 for a professional bicycle repairperson to replace the bottom bracket cartridge so the bike rides as smooth as when it was new. It’s very lightweight. The bike was ridden by a woman who is 5’5” so if you’re around that size, it should be a good fit for you. Measurements: 19” center to top tube and 19.5” top tube and 20” top tube parallel to the ground. Some of the photos show the bike hooked up to a Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer she is selling that, too, but separately. The price of the bike does not include the Kinetic Trainer! If you are interested in buying both the Gigi and the Kinetic, they can negotiate a bundle price. Martine can be reached at 650.00. pictures
  • Schwinn middle weight Panther restored red and 95% orriginal 399.99 even the horn sometimes works. pictures
  • Schwinn almost new 24" wheels light blue womans retro beach cruiser with bell for only 124.99 call her at 908-889-2084 and ask to go see it. picture
  • Trek Y Foil OCLV 54 cm center to top with a 53 cm top tube. This American made Carbon fiber blue bike is out fitted with a full Shimano Ultegra 9 speed group. It has a 12-23 cassette with 172.5 crank arms with 53x39 rings even has Shimano clipless pedals. It rolls on Maxxis tires and Mavic CXP 21 rims. This very clean low miles bike can be had for only 1199.99. pictures
  • Trek 5200 OCLV 58 cm center to top with a 57 top tube. This black road bike has a good mix of Shimano parts. I think is was all Shimano 600 at one time but now it has a Dura Ace 13-23 8 speed cassette a brand new SRAM chain, 39x53 172.5 600 crank with Look carbo Pro pedals, a Sora rear derailleur with the 600 front, and 600 brakes and brifters, the stem is a tall one to let the ower sit up more. It is clean just a few paint rubs and scratches is all and it is only

  • Free Bikes at The Bike Stand.

          Yes we sometimes get FREE bikes in here at The Bike Stand. These are just given to us to give to anybody that needs it or at least use it. They all need work that you or someone should do. They come with no guarantees at all, remember they are FREE. Most of these will be Mega Mart box bikes and at their best they are junk. I need to express that these are one step away from land fill please keep that in mind when you take a look at them. I do look over them and try to make sure they stop and sometimes go and parts do not fall off.
          So if you need a cheap bike to fix up here is were we put them.

  • Fuji 10 speed bike in need of tires and tubes and a lot of cleaning up but it should work and remember it is Free.

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